2.5 Ton Air Conditioners

A 2.5 Ton air conditioner will help you keep the humidity level down in your home, while keeping out insects.

Super General SGS315NE Split A/C 2.5 Ton 


Super General SGS245NE Split A/C 2 Ton


Super General SGS195NE Split A/C 1.5 Ton


Super General SGP204T3 Portable AC 2 Ton


O General Premium Split A/C – 2.5 Ton Scroll


O General Premium Inverter Split A/C – 2.5 Ton



Say no to the foul smell in the room. Dehumidifiers remove molds and dust to give you a healthy environment.

Climagic 08H Portable Air Cooler


Climagic 1.5 ton standing air conditioner industrial air cooler


Climagic 5000A Indoor/Outdoor Portable Air Cooler


Climagic air cooler 4500A


Types in 2.5-ton Air Conditioners:

Due to hot weather, UAE is one of the hottest countries on the Earth. People cannot live without air conditioners, especially during summer months. Therefore, it becomes imperative that one must invest in the best 2.5 Ton AC. Mainly ACs are of two types – Window AC and Split AC. 2.5 Ton Window AC is the simplest AC that can be easily mounted or installed in a space. Whereas, a 2.5 Ton Split AC consists of two separate units – the water/air cooled condensing unit and the air handling unit. Window AC is apt for the small rooms. They are pocket friendly and cost less. 2.5 Ton Split AC is designed for the larger rooms and has more potential to cool a room faster.

2.5-ton AC Air Conditioner Brands:

 With the rising temperature, people in Dubai and UAE experience hot and dry weather most of the times in a year. Therefore, air conditioners have become necessary in almost every setting from homes to restaurants to offices and other commercial areas. Modern ACs do more than making the environment pleasing. They help reduce the number of pollens and other allergens in the air and minimise the possibility of asthmatic problems. 

Here at Coolersonline.ae, we offer a range of branded air conditioners from Super General to O General Premium to Bompani and Novel. Super General 2.5 Ton AC is known for its portability. They can be moved anywhere in the house as they can be connected to any power plug and are ready to work. O General AC 2.5 Ton is famous for its power effectiveness and strong cooling technology.

Buy 2.5 Ton AC from Coolersonline.ae

Be it a 2.5 Ton Split AC or a 2.5 Ton Window AC, we offer quality 2.5 Ton AC. We are never short of supplies as we manage large inventories. We value time of our clients and hence, make sure that the we get the AC delivered and installed on the same day. Our professional technicians are experienced and offer a seamless service and thorough installation. Till now, we have installed various kinds of Air Conditioning Systems from traditional homes to multi-unit systems.

What’s more? Get in touch with us today and order quality 2.5 Ton Window AC or 2.5 Ton Split AC as per your convenience from coolersonline.ae.

Q1. Which is better, window AC or split AC?

Ans. It depends! Window AC is good for the small compact rooms. Whereas, Split AC is great for larger rooms. In offices, it is preferable to opt for Split AC as it makes less noise in comparison to Window AC. Also, if you’re budget is low, then go for Window AC. If it is higher and looking for aesthetic appeal, then Split AC is the best option.

Q2. What to Consider While Buying a 2.5 Ton AC?

Ans. Budget, cooling, durability, easy installations and energy efficiency should be considered while buying a 2.5 Ton AC.

Q3. What are the best brands for 2.5 Ton AC?

Ans. O General, Super General, Bompani, O General Premium and Nobel are the best brands for 2.5 Ton AC.

Q4. What AC do we need Inverter and non-inverter ACs?

Ans. No doubt, non-inverter 2.5 Ton AC price is much lower than the inverter air conditioner systems. But, in the long run inverter ACs are the better choices as they are energy-efficient. They are specifically made to consume less energy and have effective cooling. Being environment-friendly, it is highly preferred.

Q5. What are the features to consider while buying 2.5 Ton Air Conditioner?

Ans. Dehumidification, four-way swing, auto-start, powder efficiency, star rating and pricing are some of the features that must be considered while buying 2.5 Ton ACs.