4 Ton Air Conditioners

Make your home healthy and comfortable. Get a 4 Ton air conditioner to reduce humidity and stop insects from entering your home.

Super General SGS245NE Split A/C 2 Ton


Super General SGS195NE Split A/C 1.5 Ton


Super General SGP204T3 Portable AC 2 Ton


Super General SGFS48GE Floor Standing 4.0 Ton



Say no to the foul smell in the room. Dehumidifiers remove molds and dust to give you a healthy environment.

Climagic 08H Portable Air Cooler


Climagic 1.5 ton standing air conditioner industrial air cooler


Climagic 5000A Indoor/Outdoor Portable Air Cooler


Climagic air cooler 4500A


Type in 4-ton Air Conditioners:

Dubai is one of the hottest regions in the United Arab Emirates. The level of humidity is mostly high in this city. In order to maintain a comfortable, cool and cosy environment at homes or offices, it is a must to install 4 Ton AC. ACs come in different sizes and shapes. Window ACs and Split ACs are the major types of AC. The major difference between these two AC is that Window AC has a single unit whereas, Split AC has 2 Units. In comparison to 4 Ton Window AC, 4 Ton Split AC is more silent and looks aesthetically pleasing. But, the most important thing one must figure out before buying an AC is its size. Window ACs are best for compact-sized spaces. Whereas, Split ACs are good for larger spaces.

4-ton AC Air Conditioner Brands:

Choosing the best AC in UAE can be a big decision. It is a significant investment and adds years of comfort to your life. After meticulous research, we have analysed that Super General, O General, Bompani and Nobel are some of the best 4 Ton ACs. Made from high-quality material, easy to operate and maintain, Super General 4 Ton ACs are ideal for large-sized living rooms, gyms, restaurants or departmental stores. Window Air Conditioners by O General is one of the popular AC brands these days. It has an advanced hyper tropical compressor that promises incredible powerful performance with low noise.

Bompani is another best AC brand that equips you with a range of features and raises your level of comfort. Bompani Split 4 Ton AC ensures uniform air distribution across the room and maximizes the compressor run time. It also keeps the room's atmosphere cool and moist throughout the day. Hence, reducing the resulting power consumption.

Buy 4 Ton AC from Coolersonline.ae

Rising global temperatures in UAE have increased the demand of AC. Now, with coolersonline.ae, you can order branded ACs with special features. We ensure the same delivery of AC and offer quick installation without any hassle.


Q1. Which is better, window AC or split AC?

Ans. Both are fine. But, one must choose either one of them on the basis of his/her requirement. If he/she has a lower budget and less space, then one should go for Window AC. But, if one has a larger budget and wants to buy an aesthetically pleasing AC, then go for 4 ton Split AC.

Q2. What to Consider While Buying a 4 Ton AC?

Ans. Energy efficiency, pricing, space and inverter technology are the factors that must be considered while buying a 4 Ton AC.

Q3. Which are the best brands for 4 Ton AC?

Ans. O General, Super General, Bompani and Nobel are the best brands for 4 Ton AC.

Q4. What AC do we need Inverter and non-inverter ACs?

Ans. Yes, no doubt, non-inverter AC costs less. But, in the long run, inverter AC is recommended because it is eco-friendly and proves energy efficient.

Q5. What are the features to consider while buying 4 Ton AC?

Ans. Efficiency, speed, air quality and budget and installation & maintenance are the features that must be considered while buying 4 Ton AC.