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Air Conditioner (AC) Buying Guide Dubai 2022: Everything You Need to Know

AC Buying Guide Dubai 2022: Everything

In last two decades, the demand of Air Conditioner (AC )has been globally increased and it is set to soar high in upcoming time.  It saves you from hot & humid weather and improve air quality. It also helps reduce the risk of dehydration and heat stroke. Today, Air Conditioner has become a need to improve our work productivity, remain stress free and maintain peace of mind. AC optimizes temperature levels by creating cold air. It is also used to maintain the purity of air and let people stay away from allergy issues by keeping fumes and odor at bay.

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How it works?

Firstly, the warm air from the room is drawn into the system. Then, the air flows over the cold evaporator pipes inside. This helps cool the air down, while a dehumidifier removes the excess moisture. Meanwhile, the coolant flowing through the chiller pipes absorb the heat, turning from a cool liquid to a warm gas.

Further, the warm air is pumped outside, while the coolant flows through a compressor unit and a condenser that turns into a cool liquid. Finally, the cold air is re-circulated into the room where it gets mixed with the existing air and reduce the humidity and temperature. 

Types of Air Conditioner:

Different kinds of air conditioners are available in the market. Have a look:

1. Split AC:

It is an air conditioning system that consists of two separate units – the water/air condensing unit and the air handling unit. The air conditioning unit is simply installed in the air conditioning room, whereas the condensing unit is installed either in the mechanical space or engine room. As the condensing unit isn’t placed inside the conditioned area, therefore the split unit air conditioner system is lot quieter than the window AC. Split air conditioners are equipped with a heating function, filtering function and dehumidifier function. It’s cooling effect expands Split AC has a capacity to cool your entire home, including rooms that nobody is using.

Advantages of Split AC:
  1. It makes less noise, as the compressor and condenser are located outside which makes a lot of noise.
  2. It adds aesthetic and style to the room.
Disadvantages of Split AC:
  1. Expensive than other AC types.
  2. Shifting is full of hassle.

2. Window AC:

Window AC is a compact unit, that cools only one particular room.  It fits directly inside the window and hence it is quite easy to install. It is the simplest form of an air conditioning system that is affordable in comparison to the split AC. It’s a great choice if you live in a small space. It would not be ideal for a larger home as it remains ineffective.

Advantages of Window AC:
  1. Simple installation
  2. Economical price range
Disadvantages of Window AC:
  1. Makes loud noise while running
  2. Disturbs room aesthetics

3. Portable AC:

Portable AC is the next generation of window units. It takes in air from the room, cools it and then further give back into the room. Just like window AC, it is designed to cool only one room. Portable air conditioners are easy to install, versatile and economical in price. They are extremely handy to use and can be moved from one room to another room to beat the heat.

Advantages of Portable AC:

  1. Shifting and relocation is much easier. No need of technician.
  2. There is no need to stick in one room. Right after 15 minutes, you can shift AC to another room.
 Disadvantages of Portable AC:
  1. Expensive in price.
  2. As it is new in India, therefore, there are no well-known brand products available in India.

Which type of AC is suitable for your room?

Are you confused which AC type should you choose for your room. Check this out:

  1. Room size: Room ACs are available in capacity range of 0.75 to 2 tonne. So, one should go according to the size of the room. If AC will be bigger as per room capacity, then it will not be able to provide proper dehumidification. Inverter AC and portable AC can be used for a wider range of room sizes.
  2. Cooling capacity: If you want to just cool your room, then window AC is perfect, otherwise go for split AC if you want your entire house to get cool.
  3. Aesthetically pleasing: In case you want to make your room aesthetically pleasing, then split AC is best. Otherwise go for window AC as it doesn’t add grace to the décor.
  4. Maintenance and cleaning: If you don’t want to invest much into maintenance from time as well as money point of view, then window AC is best, otherwise you may go for split AC.

What is the Size of your Room & What AC Capacity do you need for Effective Cooling?

The cooling capacity of AC is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). In order to determine the right fit for your room, look at the chart below:

AreaCapacity in BTU’s per hourTonnage of the AC
to 90 sq. feet– 50001
90 to 110 sq. feet-120001.2
120 to 150 sq. feet-180001.5
150 to 200 sq. feet-24,0002

Inverter Vs. Non-Inverter AC: Which Is Better?

Inverter AC controls cooling or heating by manipulating the power supply to the compressor. The regulated speed allows the unit to maintain the temperature without having power down its motor. It means that an inverter AC is way more energy efficient than the non-inverter ones.

Whereas, non-inverter AC has the option the option to turn the compressor on or off in order to adjust the temperature. Non-inverter AC’s compressor works at high power that creates a lot of noise, consumes more electricity and proves less energy efficient.

Point of DifferenceInverter ACNon-Inverter AC
SpeedIt uses variable frequency drive in order to control the speed of the motor – the compressor.It contains a fixed speed compressor that automatically goes on and off all the time.
Energy SavingBecause of its sophisticated mode of operation, it saves more energy.Because of on-off frequency, it ends up consuming more electricity than the inverter unit.
NoiseThe operation is quieter when running.It creates a lot of noise when running.
PriceIt is more expensive than the non-inverter AC.Price is less in comparison to inverter AC.
Life SpanIt has longer life span than non-inverter AC.The life span is comparatively less in comparison to inverter counterparts.

It’s clear that inverter AC is far better than the non-inverter AC. It is energy efficient, has longer life and makes less noise. It might be pricey, but it’s advantages are worth it!

What is a Dual Inverter?

Dual Inverter Air Conditioner is an advanced form of Inverter Air Conditioner. It has twin rotary compressor contrary to simple inverter air conditioners. It allows more stable operation resulting in reduced energy consumption due to more variation in tonnage, less noise and quicker cooling by the operation of twin rotary compression.

Choosing an air conditioning system for your home is quite stressful. But, we hope this article will help you choose the right AC as per your room size and requirement. Here at, we offer quality air conditioner at best prices to make your spaces healthy and comfortable. Start exploring today!

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