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Best Window AC brands in Dubai 2022

The Middle East’s summers are frequently uncomfortable because of the extreme heat. Furthermore, the months of March through August are now similar to living in an oven due to global temperatures rising, with temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius.

Thankfully due to, ACs have become much more reasonable and efficient these times.

We can choose from a variety of AC brands, which we will examine in more detail later in the article.

What is a Window AC?

The term “room air conditioner” can also be used to describe a window air conditioner. It is the most basic type of air conditioning system on walls or windows.

It just has one unit, which has a blower and a compressor. Window air conditioners can be inserted into the window frame. The air conditioner’s other side faces open air, while the blower side faces the room’s interior.

Advantages of Window AC:

  • Installation is simple. Shifting, reallocating, and reallocating window air conditioning is significantly more manageable and less expensive. Compared to Split AC, there is no need to refuel the gas in the compressor while shifting.
  •  Compared with Split AC, window AC are much more economical.

Disadvantages of Window AC:

  • When running, it makes a loud noise.
  • Window air conditioning detracts from the beauty of the room.

Best Window AC Brands in Dubai & UAE

Super General

Since its founding, Super General has quickly developed into a dynamic international brand. It has earned a reputation for providing the most extensive assortment of premium gadgets and home appliances at affordable costs. In the era of intelligent products, Super General believes that savvy consumers will only pay for the features they actually use, producing the high performance at a low cost that Super General promises and giving them a stellar track record.


Bompani has been at your service since 1954, offering a huge variety of appliances that can satisfy every demand. Bompani has always had a distinctive style that effectively combines innovation and tradition. In 2021, the Ministry of Economic Development included the Bompani Mark in the Special Register of Historical Marks of National Interest. Italian brands that have been in use for more than 50 years receive the honour, as do national production companies with a long history with the nation.


For more than 35 years, Nobel has operated in the UAE’s retail and wholesale markets for electronics, kitchens, and home appliances. Nobel is a well-known brand in the UAE and in more than 30 other nations. Our 250+ products are all covered by a one-year warranty. Welcome to our world of quality, dependability, and trust. At a price, you can pay with the quality you can trust.

How to Choose Which Window AC Fits Your Needs?

Size of the Room: The window air conditioner will have trouble providing the proper level of cooling if you select a unit that is too small for the size of the room. But if you get a too big unit, it will cool the space too quickly without removing the humidity, leaving you feeling chilly and damp.

Energy Efficiency: The growing cost of power and mercury make an energy-efficient window air conditioner a must. The Emirates Authority has mandated that air conditioners obtain EES (Emirates Energy Star) energy efficiency ratings for standardisation and metrology (ESMA). You will be able to choose an air conditioner as a result. A unit will use less electricity with a higher star rating than one with a lower star rating. We offer ACs in our product lineup that use less electricity.

Cooling speed: There should be two fan speeds and at least two cooling settings on the window air conditioner’s programmable thermostat (temperature setting).

You might want to use different speeds at various times throughout the day. It will be beneficial to use an energy-efficient option because it will consume less electricity while providing the best cooling. These characteristics are present in the majority of the ACs we have mentioned.

Aluminum coil Vs Copper coil: In order to further cool the room, window air conditioners use coils to change gaseous refrigerant into the liquid refrigerant and vice versa. Coils can be made of copper or aluminium, depending on the manufacturer. Copper coils outperform aluminium coils in terms of heat transmission rate, corrosion resistance, and coil strength. The price difference between an aluminium coil and a copper coil is the only benefit. But we have affordable options for cooper coiled window ACs, which you can look at our website.

Capacity or Tonnage: Last but not least, you should not ignore the tonnage of the window air conditioner as a crucial factor. Knowing the window air conditioner’s capacity is essential because it will guide your cooling and financial selections.

Depending on the room’s floor space, the air conditioner’s capacity should be adjusted. A basic rule of thumb states that an area between 120 and 140 square feet will need 1 ton, 150 to 180 square feet will need 1.5 ton, and 180 to 240 square feet would need an air conditioner with a 2-ton cooling capability, according to a conventional estimate. Our choices include both of them.

After-sales services: Your product would surely benefit from after-sales services and other extras, including a warranty. In order to meet the servicing requirements for your product, look for a service-oriented brand with the capacity and a strong network. We provide a one-year warranty & our store is easily accessible.


It’s time to take the plunge and get the correct system for your needs now that you are knowledgeable about window air conditioners and the elements to take into account while looking for the best window air conditioner.

Before making a purchase, consult a home constructer or HVAC expert. The ideal option in Dubai is is a one-stop online marketplace for all types of cooling solutions. We have multiple brands to choose from to keep you & your family or staff by maintaining an ideal working environment.


  • What Is A Dual Inverter AC?

Inverters that manage the cooling capacity of an HVAC system by operating the compressor are known as dual inverters. It has two compression chambers and operates on a twin rotary compressor. These chambers generate a 180-degree compression time phase difference.

  • What Is The Difference Between Inverter And Non-Inverter Ac?

Inverter air conditioners reduce the speed of the compressor motor after a room is cool to conserve electricity and the refrigerant needed to chill the air. Non-inverter motors, in contrast, only operate at maximum speed before turning off when the room temperature reaches the specified level.

  • Which AC Brand Is The Best In UAE?

Bompani, Super General & Nobel.

  • Is It OK To Opt For AC With An Aluminum Condenser?

If you want a pocket-friendly condenser, then go for aluminium ones. But if you’re looking for performance, you should buy a window air conditioner with a copper condenser.

Super General SGS365NE Split A/C 3 Ton 


Super General SGS245NE Split A/C 2 Ton


Super General SGS195NE Split A/C 1.5 Ton


Super General SGP204T3 Portable AC 2 Ton


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