AC Under 2500 AED in UAE

Here’s a list of air conditioners (ACs) priced under. 2500. You will be shown the critical specifications for each AC, such as capacity, star rating, type, and power consumption. Alongside every model, a link to the full specifications page is shown, as well as a link to other Air conditioner models . 


Say no to the foul smell in the room. Dehumidifiers remove molds and dust to give you a healthy environment.

Climagic CM 24000 Air Cooler

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Introducing the Climagic CM 24000 Air Cooler, a durable and efficient cooling solution for large spaces. With adjustable swing airflow, multi-speed control, and a large water tank, this stand-alone cooler offers unparalleled comfort. Enjoy the convenience of a pull-open water inlet, LCD screen, and remote control. Equipped with a dustproof net and fiber-based cooling pad, it ensures clean and effective cooling. Perfect for areas up to 180m², the Climagic CM 24000 is the ultimate choice for superior cooling performance.

Climagic CM 8000 Air Cooler

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Experience ultimate cooling comfort with the Climagic CM 8000 Air Cooler. Featuring durable construction and low maintenance, this stand-alone cooler boasts a large water tank, adjustable swing airflow, and multi-speed control for personalized cooling. Enjoy the convenience of a pull-open water inlet, LCD screen, and remote control. With a dustproof net and fiber-based cooling pad, it ensures clean and efficient cooling. Perfect for spaces up to 80m², the Climagic CM 8000 offers reliable cooling performance without the hassle.

JZX Floor Air Cooler 12000B

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Want to concentrate on your work without temperature bothering you? Why worry when you have JZX-12000B to give you a cool company? Powered by a 440 W motor and backed by a big water tank of 70 litres, the air cooler is good enough to cool an area of 70-100 sqm effectively. With water consumption of 8-10 litres per hour, once filled, the air cooler can effectively cool the surroundings for close to 10 hours without asking for a refill.

Symphony Movicool XL DD 125 Desert Air Cooler

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Original price was: AED2,650.00.Current price is: AED2,255.00.
All prices include VAT. Ever heard of two coolers in one? Symphony Movicool XL DD 125 is a perfect example of two separate cooling units working in tandem to offer ‘double’ cooling. With two separate cooling units, the air cooler offers uniform cooling over a wide area. This robust air cooler can withstand any weather to give you a lifelong performance.

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