Split Air Conditioners

Make your home healthy and comfortable. Get an air conditioner to reduce humidity and stop insects from entering your home.

Super General SGS370CE Split A/C 3 Ton Piston


Super General SGS365NE Split A/C 3 Ton 


Super General SGS315NE Split A/C 2.5 Ton 


Super General SGS245NE Split A/C 2 Ton


Super General SGS195NE Split A/C 1.5 Ton


Super General SGP204T3 Portable AC 2 Ton


O General Window AC – 1.5 Ton Rotary


O General Premium Split AC – 1.5 Ton Rotary


O General Premium Split A/C – 3 Ton Scroll


O General Premium Split A/C – 2.5 Ton Scroll



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Climagic 08H Portable Air Cooler


Climagic 1.5 ton standing air conditioner industrial air cooler


Climagic 5000A Indoor/Outdoor Portable Air Cooler


Climagic air cooler 4500A


Buy a split air conditioner for the best reasonable price in Dubai

Having at least one air conditioner becomes necessary for those individuals who live in a generally hot region like the Middle East. While the heat is at its worst during the summer months in the many areas of the Middle East, it is relatively hot throughout the year because of its terrain & geographic location.

Summer implies that your home or workplace will demand an air conditioner throughout the year, so you must be clear about where to spend it. Installing a split air conditioner in your room this summer will help you escape the sweltering heat.

A simple split AC is sufficient to ensure that the space remains cool throughout the year and provides pleasant ambient temperatures even when summer is not in full swing.

Why should you choose to opt for a split air conditioner?

When determining what type of air conditioner to buy, one must make an informed decision. Split air conditioners feature two units, as the name implies. The indoor unit is located within the house, while the outdoor unit is outside the home. Split air conditioners are quieter than window air conditioners since the compressor is outside the unit. It's intended to cool larger spaces and is mounted close to the ceiling.

Let's look at why a split air conditioner can be a better fit? 

  • Split air conditioners can have a very royal and beautiful appearance.
  • Split air conditioners chill larger rooms and areas more efficiently, so you get more cooling for your money.
  • Split air conditioners operate quietly, making them suitable for bedrooms and workplaces where noise can disrupt work or sleep.
  • Split air conditioners are also more energy-efficient, and many come with additional features like oxygenation, air filtration, and energy-saving modes.

Now you've decided on buying a split AC for your space, but still, you need to look into various other factors also which choosing the right split AC:

Capacity or Tonnage: The tonnage of the air conditioner is an important issue, the most important thing when you're buying a split AC. Knowing your air conditioner's capacity is important since it will help you make better cooling and economic decisions.

Size of the Room: A split air conditioner that is too small causes strain on the unit, while a split air conditioner that is too large cools the space quickly without removing humidity. As a result, it's necessary to think about the size of the room.

Energy Efficiency:  The Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology(ESMA) has established EES (Emirates Energy Star) energy efficiency ratings for air conditioners. Coolersonline.ae split ACs have these certifications, so there is no need to worry about it.

Cooling speed: There should be two fan speeds, at least two cooling settings, and an adjustable thermostat (temperature setting) on the split air conditioner. It will be helpful to use an energy-efficient choice to save electricity while delivering appropriate cooling.

Aluminium coil Vs Copper coil: Compared to aluminium coils, copper has a higher heat transfer rate, is less corrosive and has a higher coil strength. The only advantage of aluminium coils over copper coils is that they are less expensive.

Budget: Last but not least, the cost of air conditioning. It should be affordable. 


Yes, it depends on your space.

It depends on the capacity or tonnage.

It depends on the size/ area of the room or the space where you want to place it.

It depends on the size/ area of the room or the space where you want to place it.