O General Air Conditioners specializes in more controllable, ecologically friendly, and energy-efficient systems. Their cutting-edge manufacturing methods and technology keep the products’ quality state-of-the-art.

O General Premium Inverter Split A/C – 1.5 Ton


O General Premium Inverter Split A/C – 2 Ton


O General Premium Inverter Split A/C – 2.5 Ton


O General Premium Inverter Split A/C – 3 Ton


O General Premium Split A/C – 1.5 Ton Piston


O General Premium Split A/C – 2 Ton Piston


O General Premium Split A/C – 2 Ton Rotary


O General Premium Split A/C – 2.5 Ton Scroll


O General Premium Split A/C – 3 Ton Scroll


O General Premium Split A/C – 3 Ton Scroll


O General Premium Split AC – 1.5 Ton Rotary


O General Window AC – 1.5 Ton Rotary


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Why Choose O General ACs?

General Air Conditioners are “The Best Air Conditioners in U.A.E” because of their energy-efficient technology, cutting-edge designs, and strong cooling to combat hot and humid weather.
When you need to replace an air conditioner or install a new air conditioning unit, you must only choose an economical air conditioning manufacturer that uses environmentally friendly technology.
O General Air Conditioners offer a wide range of ac models tailored to fit practically any type of space, whether a simple or complicated building.

Types of O General AC available:

There are various variations in O General ACs, allowing consumers to select the best fit for their requirements. If you want an AC installed or your previous AC replaced, tell us the specifications, needs, and dimensions of the room you are getting the air conditioner for. Our curated AC Calculator method would let you select the perfect AC for your requirements.

The variations of O General ACs that you may choose from: 

There are numerous AC brands and models available to consumers. Before making the final purchase, it is best to research and determine your needs and requirements. There are several products with varying features and specs. Here’s how to pick the ideal air conditioner for your flat.

When selecting an AC for your apartment, you’ll need to be familiar with BTU or British Thermal units. Choose a unit with 90 to 100 BTU per square foot for the best cooling. The BTU value determines how quickly your room will cool down. In addition, you should consider other elements such as the room’s covered area, exposure to sunshine, and the number of inhabitants.

Many homeowners choose tropicalized AC units in Dubai, where the average warmth and humidity are high. These are specialized air conditioners to combat the Middle East’s heat. Specific designs and functionality are needed because of the extreme environmental conditions. So always choose manufacturers of tropicalized air conditioners.