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Carrier Ducted-SLIM AC 5 ton Model- 42TKS060-71ECRE Split System

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Introducing the Carrier Ducted-SLIM 42TKS060-71ECRE Split System - the ultimate solution for your heating and cooling needs. With a powerful 5.0 ton capacity, it's designed to deliver optimal performance even in extreme weather conditions. The Condensing Unit 38CKM060-X-9 and Fan Coil Unit 42TKS060-71UCR1 work together seamlessly to provide the perfect indoor environment, taking up minimal space at only 793 x 793 x 804 mm. With a high-quality refrigerant, R-401A, it's efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly. With power supply options of 400-3-50V for the condensing unit and 230-1-50V for the fan coil unit, it runs smoothly and quietly. Enhance your living space today with the Carrier Ducted-SLIM 42TKS060-71ECRE Split System.   Call for more information  

Ogeneral ARGA36FMTA-U− Ducted AC 3.0 ton

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Introducing the Ogeneral ARGA36FMTA-U Ducted AC 3.0 ton, a powerful and eco-friendly solution to keep your space cool and comfortable. With its advanced power supply and refrigerant system, this AC unit delivers efficient and reliable performance. Its compact size and lightweight design make installation a breeze. Say goodbye to sweltering heat and invest in the Ogeneral ARGA36FMTA-U for the ultimate cooling experience. Order now and enjoy a refreshing environment in your home or office.   Call for more information  

Westpoint Window AC 2 Ton Rotary Compressor

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