How Do Infrared Outdoor Heaters Work?

How Do Infrared Outdoor Heaters Work

Have you ever wondered how those outdoor heaters work that you see in front of cafes and restaurants? They’re called infrared outdoor heaters and use a particular type of technology to warm an area without using any flames. Infrared outdoor heaters are becoming increasingly popular because they’re much more efficient than traditional patio heaters. They work by heating up objects rather than the air around them; you don’t have to rely on air anymore to blow the heat away. If you’re interested in learning more about how these remarkable devices work, read on for a breakdown of the science behind infrared outdoor heaters.

Technical aspects of outdoor infrared heaters

When it comes to infrared outdoor heaters, there are a few key technical aspects that you need to be aware of,

  • Heat source – The name of infrared heaters hints at the technology or heating source behind it. IR emits radiation, which is then absorbed by objects and people in the area, resulting in increased temperatures. 
  • Efficiency – The efficiency of an IR heater relies on the wavelength of radiations. The wavelength of the radiation emitted by an infrared heater will determine how effective it is at heating an area – shorter wavelengths are more effective at heating than longer wavelengths.
  • Power Source – Either electricity or gas can power infrared heaters; each option has particular pros and cons.

Advantages of outdoor infrared heaters

A few key advantages come with using an outdoor infrared heater:

  • Higher Efficiency – They are very efficient at heating an area, as they only heat the objects and people in the site rather than the air around them. That means less energy is required to heat a space, resulting in significant savings on your energy bills.
  • Feasible for indoor and outdoor – Infrared heaters can be used in various weather conditions, as they are not affected by wind or rain. Either indoors or outdoors, you can enjoy the warm winter evenings with IR heaters.
  • Easy to install – They are very easy to install and maintain, meaning you won’t have to spend much time or money keeping them running smoothly.
  • Portable – Heat your patio, bedrooms, or outdoor parties with portable IR heaters. You can get portable IR heaters to use in different spaces.
  • Safe to use – Electric infrared heaters are safe to use compared to traditional gas heaters – All the luxury places like five-star hotels are shifting to electric heaters to ensure a comfy & safe environment.

Disadvantages of outdoor infrared heaters

However, there are also a few disadvantages that come with using an outdoor infrared heater:

  • They can be more expensive than traditional heaters, particularly if you opt for a high-end model.
  • They require a clear line of sight to work effectively, meaning they may not be suitable for all outdoor spaces.
  • They can be dangerous if used incorrectly, as the radiation emitted by the heater can cause burns.

What makes infrared heaters more efficient?

IR heaters’ efficiency is one of the key reasons behind their growing popularity; they are known for their higher efficiency. Let’s go through a few of the fundamental reasons behind IR heaters’ higher efficiency,

  • Working model – One of the main reasons that infrared outdoor heaters are so efficient is that they don’t rely on convection to heat the air around them. Convection is the process of hot air rising and cooler air falling, which can cause drafts and uneven heating. Instead, infrared outdoor heaters use radiation to heat objects and people within their range. It makes them a much more efficient heating system overall.
  • Power source – Another reason infrared outdoor heaters are more efficient is that you can use infrared heaters in conjunction with other energy-saving methods, such as solar power. Solar panels can collect and store energy from the sun, which can then be used to run the infrared heater. It makes infrared heaters a very efficient and environmentally-friendly heating system.
  • Smart design – Infrared outdoor heaters are often more compact and lightweight than other heaters, making them easier to transport and set up. That means you won’t have to waste time or energy setting up a bulky heater, which can save you money in the long run.

Advantages of using outdoor infrared heaters

If you’re looking for an efficient and long-lasting way to heat your outdoor space, infrared outdoor heaters are a great option. Here are some of the advantages of using these types of heaters:

  • Higher efficiency – Infrared heaters emit energy (IR rays) absorbed by humans or objects rather than air. It makes them much more efficient at heating than traditional heaters that rely on convection to circulate warm air.
  • Health & Environment Friendly – Because they don’t rely on circulating air, infrared heaters can be used in enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces without fear of creating unhealthy levels of CO2. It makes IR health and environment-friendly.
  • Safe to use – Infrared heaters are very safe because they don’t produce flames or sparks. That makes them ideal for use in areas with fire risk.
  • Long life – These heaters are low maintenance and have a long lifespan – often lasting for 20 years or more with proper care.
  • Usability – Infrared heaters are very versatile and can be used for various applications, such as patio, garage, and even industrial heaters.

Infrared Heater vs Regular Heater

There are a few key differences between infrared and regular heaters that are worth noting, such as,

  •  Infrared heaters emit a softer, more diffused type of heat than regular heaters, which makes them ideal for those who want to avoid the harsh, dry heat that typical heaters can produce. 
  • Infrared heaters are much more energy-efficient than traditional heaters, making them a more cost-effective option in the long run. 
  • Infrared heaters don’t rely on convection to circulate air like traditional heaters. They are less likely to cause dust and pollen to circulate in the air, making IR heaters an ideal option for those with allergies or asthma. 

Final Words | How Do Infrared Outdoor Heaters Work?

Infrared heaters are gaining immense popularity because of their health and environment-friendly working model, artistically designed shapes, higher efficiency and much more. They work by heating objects rather than the air around them; you no longer have to rely on air to blow the heat away.

This blog post has thoroughly discussed the working model of infrared heaters and their exceptional benefits over traditional heaters. It will help you better understand the reason behind the growing acceptance of infrared heaters. Climagic infrared heaters can be your best choice if you’re looking for artistically designed infrared heaters to beat the winter blues.

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