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Top Six tips to lessen your AC’s power consumption

After the Covid19 and work-from-home trend, we’re spending most of our time at home, causing a significant increase in AC’s operational hours and eventually in electricity bills. How can we improve the AC’s efficiency to reduce power consumption?

This blog post is for you if you’re tired of high electricity bills and want to know handy tips to lessen your AC’s electricity consumption.

Top six tips to lessen your AC power consumption and save money

Improve your ACs power consumption and Save Money

How much does an AC impact my power bills? You don’t need to ask such questions anymore for buying or turning on an AC. You can just follow the enlisted tips to improve your AC’s efficiency, reduce power bills and save money. 

1.   Choose an AC of the right tonnage

Air conditioners come in different tonnage capacities with a range of other specifications. Picking up the right AC for your home, shop, office, or warehouse is the most critical factor in minimizing the electricity bills and for an incredible cooling experience. 

The higher tonnage capacity doesn’t make an AC perfect. For instance, A 2-ton AC may work perfectly in ‘room A’ but fails to meet your expectations in ‘room B.’ How can you choose the right AC to enjoy exceptional cooling with minimal electricity consumption for your home? 

The area and height of a room are two fundamental points to notice before finalizing an air conditioner for your home, office, or warehouse. In general, 1-ton AC is supposed enough to cool down a room of 150 – 250 square feet with a three-meter height. But, this rule of thumb may not work for you because of a few other crucial factors. You may note the following factors to pick an AC of the right tonnage for your home, shop, or office.

  • Area of room (L x W)
  • Height of the room
  • The number of windows & doors in the room
  • Number of people living in a room
  • Furniture, electronic appliances, or other things placed in that room

All these factors are crucial to pick an AC of the right tonnage to cool down a particular area with minimum power consumption. You may visit for a free consultancy from an expert sales engineer to get an air conditioner with the perfect tonnage to beat the heat with the lowest energy consumption.

2.   Choose an AC of the right type

You may come across a diverse range of air conditioner types while looking for the best cooling solutions. A few of the well-known and most used ACs types are as enlisted below,

  • Portable AC
  • Window AC
  • Split AC
  • Floor standing AC
  • Duct AC

All of these ACs types have particular pros and cons, making them the best cooling solutions for specific room sizes and other prerequisites. You must get the perfect AC type to meet your cooling requirements with minimal power consumption. For instance, one can’t rely on split ACs to cool down a warehouse or shopping mall. It’s recommended to go with duct ACs to cool down the larger areas at minimal power consumption. In contrast, split ACs can be your first choice for regular-sized rooms in a house.

You may contact an expert sales engineer at coolersonline for a free consultation to find the best-fit cooling solution to meet your home or business cooling needs at the lowest electrical consumption.

3.   Go with the Inverter model 

Compressor working methodology is the key difference between inverter and non-inverter AC. In non-inverter ACs, the compressor runs at a constant speed to bring down the temperature to a particular point. Either it will turn on or turn off the motor in this process; there is nothing in between.

In contrast, inverter ACs compressors can continuously run the motor at different speeds. After getting the temperature down to a particular point, it slows down the motor speed instead of turning it off. That is the leading cause behind the lower power consumption of inverter ACs compared to non-inverter ACs. In addition to the lower power consumption, inverter ACs compressors have lower noise and better performance than non-inverter ACs.

Inverter AC vs Non-inverter AC

Though inverter ACs are more costly than non-inverter ACs. But it’s wise to go with inverter air conditioners, especially when living in Emirates. You may look at inverter ACs as a long-term investment to lessen the burden on your utility bills instead of considering non-inverter ACs to save a few hundred once. 

4.   Precise Installation

After getting an AC of the right type and tonnage appropriate for your home, AC installation is the first and foremost thing you may have to consider to improve your AC’s efficiency. The imprecise installation can reduce AC efficiency and durability, eventually increasing your power bills.

Don’t get a naive man for AC installation, as the faulty installation is the worst scenario one can imagine; it can affect the AC warranty and lead you to a nowhere situation.

At cooleronline, we have an expert team of technicians to provide up-to-par installation services for our clients. We recommend our customers get our expert installation services to improve their AC’s performance. You can approach one of our sales engineers to learn about our incredible ‘ACs with installation’ packages. Our expert team will follow standard guidelines to install air conditioners appropriately to enhance efficiency and decrease power consumption. And that’s all at incredible prices with after-sale service.

5.   Avoid setting up the temperature too-low

The increasing difference between the room-temperature and outside temperature will increase the burden on your air conditioner compressor. And eventually, it will consume more electricity to cool down the room.

The government of Dubai recommends tuning your AC at 24 Celsius to minimize its power consumption. It will work for you if you’re following the enlisted tips,

  • Modern-day fans take as much energy as a light bulb; use fans to circulate the air.
  • Consider installing the ESMA (Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology) certified three or four stars ACs to save up to 25% of ACs’ power consumption.
  • Get a smart thermostat to optimize the room temperature and control your AC working duration.
  • Use curtains, shades, drapes, and light-reflecting materials to insulate your rooms from heat. 
  • Use LED or CFL bulbs instead of traditional bulbs in your rooms and offices.
  • Minimize the number of electronic appliances in your bedrooms to improve the HVAC performance and reduce its power consumption.

6.   Regular AC Servicing

Keeping the UAE environment, scorching summer, and load on air conditioning units, an HVAC unit, irrespective of the type, model, and company should get service twice or thrice a year.

HVAC units’ air filters and condensing coils accumulate dust particles over time, lowering their efficiency. ACs with lower efficiency need to work harder to cool down a space, causing a substantial decline in ACs performance. And their declined performance translates into higher electricity bills.

Service your HVAC units at least twice a year, before and after the summer. It will improve your AC performance, enhance lifespan, and reduce power consumption to beat the heat.

Final Words | Top Six tips to lessen your AC’s power consumption

Air conditioners’ impact on electricity bills is a matter of concern for most people in the Emirates, especially after covid19 and work-from-home trends. In the scorching heat of the emirates, we can’t minimize the use of AC, but we can follow the above-discussed expert’s tips to reduce the AC’s power consumption.

Feel free to ask questions and share your thoughts & tips to minimize the ACs’ power consumption in the comment section.

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