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Split AC vs Window AC: Pick the best one for your home

Windows Air conditioners are very popular in the market, especially during hot summers. Unlike Split AC, they require installation and require electricity to run. However, they are relatively cheaper than the Split ACs and have a fast cooling capacity.

Split AC vs Window AC, Which one is better? Both these types of cooling systems have their pros and cons. Let us quickly look at them to know which is the best for you.

Both Split AC and Windows AC are about cooling. But their functioning is different. You should always choose the one that best suits your needs.

Split air conditioners are mostly preferred for homes and offices. 

What are the key differences between split and window ACs?

For many people, air conditioners are an essential part of home appliances. They not only cool the temperature of your home but also help you stay at ease even during hot summers. 

Split and window air conditioners are India’s most commonly used cooling systems. Both have pros and cons, and choosing between them involves understanding some basic concepts. We are here to help you with this comparison of split and window AC. Find out who wins!

With the same purpose in mind — to provide cool, dry air — split and window air conditioners work completely differently. They’re also designed differently and have different pros and cons. Both types of AC offer ways to save money on utility bills, but they come at a price. Learn more about their similarities and differences with this helpful comparison guide.

  • A split AC has two parts – an outdoor and indoor unit. Now, a window AC works on the same basis as it is composed of the outdoor and indoor parts, just like split ACs. The only difference between window AC and split AC is in their sizes. That’s why split air conditioners are larger than window air conditioners; they have more capacity to cool your place. They also have better energy efficiency ratings as compared to window air conditioners. Occasionally, you may want to replace your existing window air conditioner with a new one without doing any major work on your home. This option works well if your window is large enough to install split AC by a local technician or by yourself using an installation kit provided by most brands of split ACs in Dubai.
  • The Split AC is more suitable to use in a small room than the window AC. These are comparatively larger in size and require a lot of space to be installed, while a split air conditioner can be easily installed anywhere. Window AC units are more compact, so they take up less space on the windowsill and can cool the entire room they’re installed. A split AC is a type of central air conditioning unit that can be installed in your home or office. They are highly reliable and have an extended lifespan. They are also available in different sizes and can be used for commercial and residential purposes.
  • One of the most significant reasons for choosing a split air conditioner over a window AC is that it doesn’t have to be mounted in your window. It means you can choose where you would like to position it and avoid wires running across your home. The biggest complaint about window AC units is the messiness caused by the drainage hose, which has to be permanently installed to prevent the water from inside the unit not to leak out onto your floor. It isn’t an issue with a split type of unit because there is no need for any tubing or hoses, causing less clean-up when you need to take it down during the off-season.
  • The Split AC is efficient when you wish to keep the room temperature constant, while the windows AC can be used during summer days as a primary cooler. Split A/C units offer finer temperature control and better energy efficiency compared to window units. The split air conditioners are better than window air conditioners because they are packed with features like a dehumidifier, sleep mode etc.

Which one should you Buy? Which one is Best?

However, choosing the right AC is the first step to making your room cool and comfortable. Split ac vs Window ac is one of the common varieties that comes into existence when people look forward to purchasing an AC. These ACs have pros and cons, making it difficult for customers to choose one, which we have already discussed. It depends on your needs & the size of the area where you want to install your AC and your budget.


Now that you know the distinctions between split and window air conditioners and the factors to consider when searching for an air conditioner, it is time to take the plunge and get the appropriate system for your requirements.

Speak with an HVAC professional or home contractor before making a purchase. The ideal option in Dubai is is a one-stop online marketplace for all types of cooling solutions. We have multiple brands to choose from to keep you & your family or staff by maintaining an ideal working environment.


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