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How to Choose the Right Air Evaporative Coolers

Apart from Burj-Khalifa & deserts, the Middle East is also known for its hot temperature, especially from March to August, as the temperatures reach up to 50 degrees Celsius. 
Therefore cooling solutions are a must to live in the Middle East., have the vast array of sizes, forms, capacities, and features available will overwhelm you when choosing an air cooler. We have multiple air coolers to choose from, so you should first learn about the different types of air coolers before you start looking for an air cooler.

Outdoor Air Evaporative Coolers

Outdoor air coolers have a huge tank capacity, a large blower or fan, and a powerful motor, ideal for dry climatic countries like in UAE. These air coolers can cool large spaces with their exceptional air throw and delivery.  Outdoor air coolers can run for lengthy periods because of their large tank capacity of up to 100 liters.

Most Outdoor Air Evaporative coolers now include castor wheels for easy movement & placement according to your needs. These coolers are ideal for Medium to Large Living Rooms, Gym, Party Hall, Shop, Restaurant, and Closed Outdoors. In this segment have various options to choose from, such as Climate Plus 23000, JZX- 23500A, 12000A & Climagic 23500A, 4500A.

Personal air coolers

Personal air coolers are more of a tailored cooling solution for usage in small rooms or situations where open cooling is not required. Personal air coolers use significantly less energy and operate much more silently than desert coolers. For easy maneuverability, these coolers usually come with castor wheels. Personal air coolers are much smaller than desert coolers and operate best when you are close to them. You may easily find one that perfectly matches your home or workstation because they come in several forms, patterns, and sizes. This type of coolers is perfect for Bedroom, Study Room, Kids’ Room, Dining Area, Hostel Room, Small Office, and Small Shop. have multiple options in this segment such as Nobel NPAC101.

Tower air coolers

Tower air coolers are slim, sleek, and elegant, designed to fit into the smallest of places. When standing upright or sitting at a high desk, you won’t spot cooling with the air supplied exactly above your waist. These coolers throw air at a higher position than other types of coolers. Therefore their primary benefit is their height. It’s ideal to use in the Bedroom, Study Room, Kids’ Room, Dining Area, Office Cabin, Reception Area, and Small Shop. have multiple options in this segment, such as Symphony Movicool XL DD 125.

What are the key features to consider?

One aspect of the selection procedure is understanding the different types of air coolers. The next step is to learn about the many features of air coolers to choose the one that best meets your needs. People frequently complain about insufficient cooling, poor air distribution, and the repeated need to refill the water tank, among other things. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most important aspects to consider before making your final pick.

Room size& airflow

Selecting an appropriate cooler according to the room size is critical. A small cooler in a larger room may not provide proper cooling, whereas a large cooler in a small space may produce excessive humidity. There is a simple, standard method for determining the optimum size of air cooler for your room based on the amount of airflow required for the given space. The airflow calculation is in cubic feet per minute (CFM) (cubic feet per minute).

The CFM indicates how much air is cycled into your room each minute. The cooler’s coverage area grows as the CFM increases. Divide the cubic feet of your space by two to determine the required CFM (CFM of airflow = Room size in sq. ft × ceiling height / 2).

Water Tank capacity

Air coolers employ evaporative cooling. Water is transformed into water vapour, lowering the temperature of the air blown by the fan or blower. Because air coolers come in a variety of tank capacities, you’ll need to match the tank capacity of the cooler to the size of your room. It is critical to have air coolers with huge water tanks. The longer the air cooler runs, the larger the water tank. have multiple options with large water tank capacity such as Climagic 10H & 15H.

Cooling Pads

A decent cooling pad can make a significant difference in keeping your space cold for a more extended period. Cooler manufacturers have employed wool wood or aspen pads for years.  Wood shavings and synthetic fibre combine to make aspen pads. They are less expensive, require more maintenance, and have a shorter lifespan. Honeycomb pads are another name for cellulose cooling pads since they resemble a honeycomb. They are thicker than aspen pads, require less maintenance, and have a longer lifespan. They are more expensive, but they are also more efficient.

For your cooling needs visit It is a multibranded Store based in Alquoz Ind 4. We’re the foremost cooling experts in the UAE and fulfill all your cooling needs at any given time. We have multiple coolers options. Customers have various brands to choose from, and we have products lined up from top brands available in the market.

Super Asia ECM-5000 Room Air Cooler

Rated 0 out of 5
With a shock and rustproof plastic body and a powerful and energy-efficient copper motor, Super Asia ECM-5000 air cooler offers maximum cooling at lower energy. With a unique and stylish design, the air cooler has an outer body that is shock & rustproof, this evaporative air cooler offers maximum cooling for long periods.

Super Asia Air Cooler ECM6500 (Fast Cool) Air Cooler

Rated 0 out of 5
Designed for ultimate performance and efficient cooling, the Super Asia air cooler ECM-6500 provides powerful airflow and maximum comfort.

JZX Floor Air Cooler 12000B

Rated 0 out of 5
Want to concentrate on your work without temperature bothering you? Why worry when you have JZX-12000B to give you a cool company? Powered by a 440 W motor and backed by a big water tank of 70 litres, the air cooler is good enough to cool an area of 70-100 sqm effectively. With water consumption of 8-10 litres per hour, once filled, the air cooler can effectively cool the surroundings for close to 10 hours without asking for a refill.

Climate Plus CM-8000E Cooling Machine

Rated 0 out of 5
Add value to the ambience of your room with the CM-8000E cooling machine. With its elegant and slim looks, the air cooler occupies less space but adds great value to the ambience of your living space. Owing to its great looks and ease of use, this air cooler is a must-have product for the hospitality industry, hotels and restaurants patio cooling.

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