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Picking the right Split air conditioner

Picking the right Split air conditioner

Given the record-breaking high temperatures, it is time to begin thinking about ways to cool down our living and working spaces. We know that inadequate cooling in workplaces and condominiums causes interior temperatures to rise to intolerably high levels. In these situations, getting a split air conditioner is a wise choice.

A split air conditioner is every home’s most essential and useful appliance. During the blazing summers, it keeps your body and mind quiet and rejuvenated, keeping the room cold.

What is a Split type of Air Conditioner?

The reason split-type air conditioners are thus termed is that they divide the elements of a conventional air conditioning system into two units—one indoor and one outdoor. While the indoor unit houses the distribution and filter components, the outside unit houses the compressor and condenser parts.

The pricey ductwork in central air systems is replaced by copper tubing to connect these two units. Homeowners may quickly establish a split-type system without major construction thanks to this flexible copper tubing. Similar to a central air system, these connections enable the management of numerous inside fans from a single outdoor unit.

What are the advantages of split air conditioners?

Many people prefer split-system air conditioners because of these benefits:

Easier Installation

A split system air conditioner includes an outdoor unit with a compressor and condenser and an indoor unit with an air handler. Typically, there’s a line between these two units that house copper refrigerant tubing, a power cable and a drain for condensation.

Split systems differ from packaged units, which house all components in one cabinet. They’re also not the same as window units with a fan, compressor and coils inside a window or wall-mounted box.

Easier Installation Process

Split systems are easier to install than conventional systems. Not only is there no need for ductwork, but the link between your indoor and outdoor units only requires a three-inch diameter aperture. After that has been completed, all you need is access to electricity and a place to mount your units. Since manufacturers provide various refrigerant tube lengths, the distance between your indoor and outdoor units might be up to 100 feet.

Energy Efficient

Ductwork is a major source of energy loss for split air conditioning systems, and leaking ducts can result in cooling energy losses of up to 30%. The ductwork that is not insulated or that is installed in unheated places leads to issues with energy efficiency. Split systems have an entirely ductless design, increasing energy savings and lowering future utility costs. Ductless split air conditioners are more than twice as efficient as conventional air conditioners in specific situations.

Quiet/Muted operations

Compared to a window unit, an indoor ductless unit can run as quietly as 19 dB. Thanks to its ductless condenser’s thinner profile, you may easily place them in various locations where noise may be an issue, or there isn’t much space.

Easy maintenance

These systems only need occasional, routine cleaning because they have washable filters. Split air conditioner manufacturers make condensing units simple to maintain and fix.

Easy To Operate

The split system is easy to use because you can control it with a remote while lounging on your couch. Greater convenience is provided by the system’s rapid cooling or heating of spaces.


Indoor installation for a split system air conditioner is very adaptable. A split air conditioner can be hung on the walls or suspended from the ceiling. Many also provide visually stunning, stylish, and elegant jackets. Split systems are also less noticeable than window units, which require you to either create a hole in the wall or dedicate a window air conditioner.

Air Purification

Many split air conditioner models contain a purification system that filters the air entering your home to stop dust and allergens from spreading throughout the structure. It is crucial to eliminate the health risks that these particles might bring, including headaches, eye discomfort, allergies, and breathing issues.


This article has come to a close. We trust that you now have more knowledge about the advantages of choosing a split air conditioner. But now the issue of where to buy the appropriate split air conditioner comes up.

Don’t worry, can fix all of your cooling issues with a single click, and you can select the best brand and pricing from various options.


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Can Split AC be used continuously?

Yes, it depends on the motor and capacity. But it’s advisable not to use it for prolonged hours.

Can a split system cool a whole house?

Yes, it depends on the split air conditioner’s cooling capacity and the house’s size.

How many kW do I need for a split Air conditioner system?

For every 10 square metres of space, you will need a cooling capacity of 1 to 1.5 kW.

Can a split air conditioner be used for two rooms?

Yes, it’s possible, depending on the split air conditioner’s cooling capacity & the size of the room.


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