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How to choose the Right A/C for your house?

Aside from the Burj-Khalifa and deserts, the Middle East is known for its scorching weather, particularly between March and August, when temperatures can approach 50 degrees Celsius.
Therefore cooling solutions are a must to live in the Middle East., have the vast array of sizes, forms, capacities, and features available will overwhelm you when choosing an air conditioner. Because we have a variety of air conditioners to pick from, you should first read about them before beginning your search. We have multiple types of ACs to choose from, but first, try to understand there are different types of Air Conditioners based on the compressor & the mounting of the blower.

Split AC

Split air conditioning has two units. One unit is put outside the house (on the wall), while the other is in the room. The outer unit has a compressor and condenser, while the inner unit has a blower.

Advantages of split AC:

  • It makes significantly less noise because the compressor and condenser are outside.
  • It makes significantly less noise because the compressor and condenser are outside.

Disadvantages of split AC:

  • Usually Expensive.
  • Shifting and reallocating Split AC is a costly and challenging task.

In split AC, we have Bompani BSAC18CR2 & BSAC24CR2; Super General SGS181NE, SGS249NE, SGS315NE, SGS365NE

Window AC

It has only one unit with a compressor and a blower. You can place window air conditioners in the window frame. The blower side of the air conditioner faces inside the room, while the other side is toward open air.

Advantages of Window AC:

  • Installation is simple. Shifting, reallocating, and reallocating window air conditioning is significantly more manageable and less expensive. Compared to Split AC, there is no need to refuel the gas in the compressor while shifting.
  •  Compared with Split AC, window AC are much more economical.

Disadvantages of Window AC:

  • When running, it makes a loud noise.
  • Window air conditioning detracts from the beauty of the room.

In window AC, we have Bompani BWSD185RCOBWSD245RCO; Nobel NWAC-18C & NWAC-24C; Super General SGA24-41HE & SGA18-41NE

Portable AC

They’re just like air coolers, portable & compact. The main advantage of Portable AC is you can move it easily. It’s ideal for rooms & for people who live in rented homes and move around regularly. 

We have very decent and affordable options from Bompani BO1200BO1250; Super General SGP184T3.

What factors to consider while selecting the right air conditioner for your room?

Size of the Room: If you choose an air conditioner that is too small for the size of the room, the unit will struggle to reach the desired level of cooling. However, if you get an air conditioner that is too large, it will cool the room too rapidly without removing the humidity, leaving you cold and clammy. That is why it is critical to consider the size of the space when selecting an air conditioner.

Energy Efficiency: An energy-efficient air conditioner is a must-buy with rising mercury levels and increasing electricity prices. Air conditioners should have EES (Emirates Energy Star) energy efficiency ratings that the Emirates Authority has standardised for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA). As a result, you will know which air conditioner to buy. A unit with a higher star rating will use less electricity than one with a lower star rating. In our products line-up, we have those ACs which consume less electricity.

Cooling speed: The air conditioner should have an adjustable thermostat (temperature setting) with two fan speeds and at least two cooling settings. 
You may want to utilise various speeds at different times of the day. An energy-efficient setting will be helpful because it will save electricity while delivering optimal cooling. Most of our listed ACs has these features.

Aluminum coil Vs Copper coil: Coils are used in air conditioners to convert gas refrigerant to liquid refrigerant and vice versa, which helps cool the space even more. Depending on the manufacturer, coils might be composed of copper or aluminum. When comparing aluminum and copper coils, copper has a higher heat transfer rate, is less corrosive, and has higher coil strength. The only advantage of an aluminum coil over a copper coil is that it is less expensive. But we have affordable options for cooper coiled ACs, which you can look at our website.

Capacity or Tonnage: Finally, the air conditioner’s tonnage is an important consideration that you should not overlook. Knowing the air conditioner’s capacity is vital since it will help you make better decisions in terms of cooling and your budget. The air conditioner’s capacity should be according to the room’s floor area. According to a general estimate, an area between 120 and 140 square feet will require 1 ton, 150 to 180 square feet will require 1.5 ton, and 180 to 240 square feet will require a 2-ton cooling capacity air conditioner. We have both options available.

After-sales services: After-sales services and other optional options, such as a warranty, would undoubtedly benefit your purchase. Look for a service-oriented brand with the capability and a solid network to handle your product’s servicing needs. We provide a one-year warranty & our store is easily accessible.

Super General SGS365NE Split A/C 3 Ton 


Super General SGS245NE Split A/C 2 Ton


Super General SGS195NE Split A/C 1.5 Ton


Super General SGP204T3 Portable AC 2 Ton


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